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Security and Privacy News
1) Apple has released bug-fixing iOS/iPadOS 17.3.1
If you have an iPhone or iPad made in the past six years, Apple has released iOS/iPadOS 17.3.1, which fixes several bugs, including one that's been causing words to unexpectedly duplicate or overlap while you're typing.
The Update is medium-sized — 280MB on average — but only takes two or three minutes to install once it's been downloaded.
To get it without waiting for Automatic Updates to get it for you, go to Settings> General> Software Update.
If asked if you want to use Cellular Data to download it, choose "Don't Use" — unless you have a huge monthly data allotment and have slow WiFi!
As always, your device will have to be at least 50% charged, or be charging, in order install the Update.
2) macOS Ventura 14.3.1 released to fix same bugs
If you have a Mac made in the past six years, Apple has released Mac OS Ventura 14.3.1 to fix the same text duplication bug as well as other bugs. To get it, click on the Apple logo in the top-left of your screen, then on About This Mac. In the pop-up that appears, click on Software Update.
3) watchOS 10.3.1 released to fix same bugs
If you have an Apple Watch Series 4 or later, Apple has released watchOS 10.3.1 to fix the same text duplication bug as well as other bugs. To update an Apple Watch, put you watch on its charger and open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, go to the My Watch tab, tap General > Software Update.
4) A fake version of the Last Pass app is was available on the Apple App Store
It's since been taken-down, but the makers of the LastPass password manager had to issue a warning this week that "LassPass" on the App Store was fraudulently impersonating the real app.
We don't recommend using any Password Manager because of the risks of having your most important info in the hands of strangers, and indeed, LastPass was compromised in August of 2022 by a hacker who hacked an employee's computer and stole a decrypted password vault that gave the hacker access to user's passwords — but this is different…
An app developer using the name Parvati Patel got Apple to approve an app called LassPass Password Manager (note the slight difference in spelling in the image above), and it mimicked the look and feel of the real LastPass app, although it had frequent misspellings and other clues that it's a scam.
Security experts suspect the app was created as a ploy to get people to log in with their LastPass email address and password, which hackers could then use to access their info on LastPass.
Apple has since removed the app. More info is below…

The LastPass Blog

Warning: Fraudulent App Impersonating LastPass Currently Available in Apple App Store - The LastPass Blog

LastPass would like to alert our customers to a fraudulent app attempting to impersonate our LastPass app on the Apple App Store. The app in question is called “LassPass Password Manager” and lists Parvati Patel as the developer.  The app attempts to copy our branding and user interface, though close examination of the posted screenshots […]

5) A new twist in fake Prime Video emails
Watch out for a new round of fake emails that look like they're from Prime Video, like this one…
The emails (which are coming from a variety of overseas addresses) advise that your Amazon Prime Video membership has expired, and that they tried to renew it but because the rate has dropped, they had to cancel your subscription. It then gives a button for you to click to update your payment details.
But, if you hover your mouse over that button, or if you hold your finger on it on a touch screen device, you will see that clicking or tapping it would take you to (yellow arrow, above) a website which is supposed to be only for websites in the Catalan language (.cat) — a language used by people in the Catalonia region of Spain.
Other emails include buttons to fake Amazon log-in pages on websites in Latvia, Slovakia, and other countries, all where the scammers are hoping you will give them your Amazon account password.
NEVER click on links in emails or texts like this! Think about it: if your prime membership actually had expired, you would discover that as soon as you went to watch something on Prime Video!
6) Package delivery problem email? It's a scam.
If your email in-box is being flooded with emails about problems delivering a package to you, you're not alone. But most importantly, like the one below, they're all scams.…
It's a hard concept to get people — especially us trusting Canadians — to accept, but it's true: any email claiming to be from a courier company about a problem delivering a package, is a scam.
Among the telltale signs: 1) they're not addressed to you by name, 2) they don't say who the package is from, 3) they don't say what the package is, 4) they don't include a phone number to call, 5) the tracking number doesn't match anything you have, 6) and the email address it's from will not be from the courier firm. In the screenshotted example above, you can see (yellow arrow) that it was sent from @aginsurance.be — that's in Belgium!
They all include a button for you to click or tap, but, if you hover your mouse over the button on a computer, or hold your finger on the button on a touchscreen device, you'll get a pop-up that shows where clicking or tapping it will take you — and you'll see it's invariably an overseas website which will have a fake landing page for the courier company being impersonated. In the example above, it's a webpage (blue arrow, above) hosted on a server in (.fr) France.
The usual scam is to ask you to type in the correct address, and then your credit card info to pay a small fuel surcharge or a processing fee. If you do that, the scammers will immediately start using your credit card info to buy things which they can sell for cash. NEVER click on links in emails like this!
Even just clicking on the link is problematic, because the gibberish after the first part of the web address is computer code which tells the scammers which email recipient clicked on the button. They then know that your email address is valid, and that you're at least a bit gullible, and as a result, your inbox will be flooded with a raft of other scam emails in the days and weeks ahead.
7) Download my document detailing how to report phishing emails like the ones above:

PDF file

How To Report Phishing Emails.pdf

183.1 KB

Tech Deals Of The Week
Koodo, Fido, and Virgin+ are now all offering unlimited Canada-wide talk-&-text plans (with no data) for $25/month. If you just want to make phone calls and send a receive texts, this is the lowest price we've seen for that from the big three. Be aware, though, that if you need to add data, on these plans, it's very expensive.
Fereedom Mobile continues to offer the best deal, though…they're offering unlimited Canada-wide talk and text, plus 1GB of data,/month for just $19/month.
Tech News Of The Week
Tip: if an item in these Show Notes has the icon on the right in the upper-right corner, you can click/tap on it to make the additional info open in a new tab.
10) How to Watch Super Bowl LVIII here in Canada
First, the answer to the question everyone is asking: how can I watch the CBS feed of the big game, so I can watch all the amazing Super Bowl ads? You can't.
Canada's Communications regulator, the CRTC, has ruled that cable and satellite TV providers here in Canada are all required to overlay the Canadian feed from CTV with Canadian commercials on all channels showing the game.
But, not to worry — advertisers are spending so much money to buy airtime during the Super Bowl — $7 million USD for a 30-second ad this year — that they actually make better, longer versions and post those on YouTube. I've created a playlist of them and you'll find that under the "Homework Videos" section near the bottom of these Show Notes. I'll update the playlist as additional ads are uploaded to YouTube after the short version(s) air during the game.
Speaking of the game, here's how to watch Super Bowl LVIII here in Canada: Bell Media has exclusive Super Bowl broadcast and streaming rights here in Canada, so if you have a cable or satellite TV subscription, you can watch Super Bowl LVIII (those are Roman numerals which equal 58) live on your choice of TSN, CTV, RDS, TSN.ca, CTV.ca, the CTV app, or the TSN app. Coverage begins at 9am PDT (seriously!), and Super Bowl LVIII kicks off at 3:30pm PDT.
If you don't have a Canadian cable TV or satellite TV subscription, you have two options…
you can subscribe to TSN+ for $20 for a month and watch on the TSN app or at TSN.ca…


Live Stream Sports – Check Out The New Way To Get TSN

Watch live sports and TSN shows from your phone, tablet, laptop or TV in reliable HD.

or you can buy an NFL Game Pass from DAZN (pronounced "da-ZONE") for $20 and watch on the DAZN app or at DAZN.com…


Explore DAZN | DAZN Canada

Find out what's available in Canada. DAZN is the world's first truly dedicated live sports streaming service.

…or if you prefer to watch with others, VictoriaBuzz.com has compiled a list of local pubs which will be hosting watch parties…

Victoria Buzz

8 places to watch the Super Bowl in and around Victoria this weekend

With just a few days until the Super Bowl showdown between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers, it's officially time to start making those party plans.

11) Gung Hay Fat Choy — Happy Lunar New Year and welcome to the Year Of The Wood Dragon!
There are several events being held here in Victoria to kickoff the start of the Lunar New Year, which this year is the Year Of The Wood Dragon. Uptown will be hosting a Lion Dance at 12:30pm Saturday…


Uptown on Instagram: "Help us celebrate the Year of The Dragon next Saturday, February 10th on the Blvd featuring a traditional lion performance by @hungfutvic. The performance will begin at 12:30, keep your eyes peeled for our team handing out lucky giveaways. 🧧"

203 likes, 7 comments - uptownvictoria on February 2, 2024: "Help us celebrate the Year of The Dragon next Saturday, February 10th on the Blvd featuring a tra..."

…and there are other events in Chinatown…

Victoria Buzz

Here’s a collection of Lunar New Year celebrations happening in Victoria this month

Victoria, there’s a very special celebration coming your way over the next two weekends, and you’re encouraged to soak in as much as possible!

Because of the Super Bowl, the traditional Sunday Lion Parade in Chinatown will happen next Sunday.
12) Google's AI chatbot is now usable here in Canada, but it now has a new worldwide name — Gemini, replacing Bard
After a year-long wait, Google has made its conversational AI tool available here in Canada (and now in 40 other countries too), but under a new name…Gemini (formerly Bard).
A Gemini app for Canada will be coming soon, and in the meantime, Gemini is available in both English and Quebecois French at Gemini.Google.com


‎Gemini - chat to supercharge your ideas

Bard is now Gemini. Get help with writing, planning, learning, and more from Google AI.

Here's an early review (keep in mind the app is not yet available in Canada, just the web-interface)…

The Verge

Google’s Gemini assistant is a fantastic and frustrating glimpse of the AI future

A smarter voice assistant has arrived on Android.

13) Apple is replacing iTunes on Windows PC's with separate Apple Music, Apple TV, and Apple Devices apps
It's the beginning of the end for iTunes. Apple has officially launched three separate standalone apps for Windows 10 and Windows 11: Apple Music, Apple TV and Apple Devices.
The ‌Apple Music‌ app gives Windows users a way to listen to and manage music from their iTunes library, including iTunes Store purchases. The ‌Apple TV‌ app allows users to watch and manage movies and TV shows from iTunes. Both of the apps also give access to Apple's streaming services, ‌Apple Music‌ and Apple TV+. The Apple Devices app is designed to allow PC owners to update, back-up, and restore and manage their iPhones and iPads, and sync content from their PCs.
iTunes remains available, for now, but only for accessing Apple Podcasts and audiobooks on Windows PC's…but it's expected apps for those will be launched soon, and that'll be the end of iTunes.


Apple Officially Splits iTunes for Windows Into Apple Music, TV, and Devices Apps

The Apple Music, Apple TV, and Apple Devices apps that Apple has been testing for Windows machines have officially launched, ending a long preview...

14) A technical glitch is preventing people on Freedom Mobile's 73-country "Roam Beyond" plan from getting service in Australia
In December, Freedom Mobile became the first carrier in Canada to offer a global cellphone plan. It's called "Roam Beyond", and it lets you use your phone in 73 countries without paying roaming fees.
Freedom says on its website that Australia service is "temporarily unavailable" ; Freedom Customer Care people in chats say they understand it's a technical issue with their Australian partner provider, not anything contractural, and they think it should be fixed within a few days.
The "Roam Beyond" plan is $65 a month, and you have to be on it for a minimum of three months.
It includes 60GB of 5G data (where 5G service is available and 4G LTE speeds if not) plus unlimited calling and texting to, from, and within the 73 countries. You can then downgrade to a less-expensive Canada/USA plan or a cheaper-still Canada-only plan.


Freedom Mobile

15) Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour (Taylor's Edition) concert film is coming to Disney+ Canada in March
The streaming version will feature all five songs that were excluded from the theatrical release, and it'll be watchable at no extra charge, which is a big win for Disney+.
Up to now, the concert video with the five songs missing from the theatre version has only been available for an extra fee on Apple TV+ and Prime Video.
Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour (Taylor's Edition) will begin streaming on Disney+ Canada on March 7.
16) Telus now has more than 10 million mobile phone subscribers
Telus is reporting a record 4th quarter for 2023, with a gain of 126 thousand new mobile phone subscribers, pushing its subscriber total over the 10 million mark.
Telus earned $1.7 billion in revenue from its mobile network, an increase of $64 million (or 4%) compared to Q4 2022 — much of that from roaming fees — which is likely why Telus (along with Bell and Rogers) this month quietly dropped its Canada/USA roaming plans. Telus made $58.50 per mobile phone user.


TELUS reports operational and financial results for fourth quarter 2023; announces 2024 financial targets

Industry-leading total Mobile and Fixed customer growth of 404,000, up 103,000 over last year, and our strongest fourth quarter on record, driven by continued...

17) If a friend has lost their iPhone, how can you help them locate it?
If a friend loses their iPhone, you can help them locate it, either with your phone, tablet or computer.
1) Open a web-browser and go to iCloud.com.
2) Type in the email address which is their Apple ID, and their password.
3) Click/tap on "Find Devices" at the bottom of the screen, which will look like this…
A screen will appear with a map showing where the device is — or where it last was if it's not reachable, along with a pop-up that'll look like this...
That'll give you the option to play a radar pinging sound on the device, or mark it as Lost and type a message that'll appear on the screen of the device (such as who to call to return it), or if all else fails, to erase it so it cannot be reactivated by anyone other than the owner.
This brings up a very important point: make sure you know which email address is your Apple ID, and that you know your Apple ID password. If you don't know these, the process gets much harder.

18) What if you've lost your Android phone?
If you’ve misplaced your Android phone, you can use Google’s Find My Device feature to locate, secure, or erase it. Here’s how:
  1. Using a Web Browser:
  • Sign in with your primary Google account.
  • Click on the lost phone in the upper-left corner of the screen.
  • A Google Map will appear, showing the approximate location of your Android smartphone.
  1. Using Another Android Device:
  • On another Android phone or tablet, open the Find My Device app.
  • If the other device doesn’t have the app yet, you can download it from Google Play.
  • Sign in with the same Google account associated with the lost Android device.
  • From the list of devices, select the one you want to locate.
  • You’ll find the following options:
  • Play sound: Rings your device at full volume for 5 minutes, even if it’s set to silent or vibrate.
  • Secure device: Locks your device with your PIN or password. You can also add a message or phone number to the lock screen to help someone return your device.
  • Erase device: Permanently deletes all data on your device (note that this won’t affect SD cards).
19) Disney is investing $1.5 billion USD in Fortnite-maker Epic Games
The Walt Disney Company has agreed to spend $15 billion USD to buy an equity stake in Epic Games, the maker of Fortnite.
Disney and Epic say they'll collaborate on an all-new online games and entertainment universe featuring characters and stories from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, Avatar, and more.
Fans will be able to watch, shop, and play with Disney characters within the Fortnite game, as part of Disney's biggest foray ever into the world of gaming.


Disney to invest $1.5 billion in Epic Games, plans to create new Fortnite universe

A teaser image suggests a virtual Disney theme park experience featuring the likes of Marvel, Star Wars and Pixar.

20) Crave will soon be available via Prime Video here in Canada
They may be streaming competitors, but Bell Media has just made a deal with Amazon Canada which will allow Prime Video subscribers to access Crave from within Prime Video apps.
Crave Premium, the most expensive streaming tier that is ad-free, will be available for purchase through an Amazon customer’s Prime Video account.
Next Month, Crave will become more-expensice than Netflix, when its price jumps by 10% to $22/month. Netflix here in Canada is currently $21/month.

iPhone in Canada Blog • Leading Tech News for Canadians

Bell’s Crave Lands on Amazon’s Prime Video Channels • iPhone in Canada Blog

Bell Media’s Crave streaming service is set to land on Amazon’s Prime Video Channels. Crave Premium, the most expensive streaming tier that is ad-free, will be available for purchase through an Amazon customer’s Prime Video account. "We're thrilled to be joining with Amazon to expand the reach of Crave," said Sean Cohan, President, Bell Media,

21) Between its recent price hike and its crackdown on password sharing, Disney+ lost 1.3 million subscribers in the last quarter
Disney+ now has just over 111 million subscribers.


Disney+ loses 1.3 million subscribers following price hike

The service's most expensive tier recently went up by $3/month and $30/year in Canada alongside a password sharing crackdown.

22) Apple has one active device per four people on the planet
Apple now has more than 2.2 billion devices currently in use around the world. Do the math, and that's an astounding one device for every four people!
Propelling these numbers is their iPhone 15 lineup, which has an astounding 99% customer satisfaction rating and holds the top spot in sales for all markets, including four out of five best-selling models in the USA, four of the top six in the UK, and all five in Australia.


Apple's number of active users hits 2.2 billion devices, nearly one for every four people

Apple's fourth quarter earnings revealed that there are more than 2.2 billion active devices in use spanning the product lineup, which is a main driver to Apple's continued successes in Services.

23) Microsoft said to release 'groundbreaking' Windows AI this fall
It appears Microsoft is going to release a new AI-powered version of its flagship Windows operating system this fall.
The New Windows AI will include a new history/timeline feature that will let you scroll back in time through all the apps and websites that CoPilot has remembered, which can be filtered based on a user’s specific search criteria. For example, you could type “FY24 earnings” and every instance where that term was on-screen will reappear for you to see and open.
If you don’t remember the name or contents of a document, the search term “find me the document that Bob sent me on WhatsApp a few days ago” is something AI Search on Windows will actually understand.

Windows Central

EXCLUSIVE: Microsoft readies 'groundbreaking' AI-focused Windows release as new leadership takes the helm

What’s next for Windows? Microsoft plans next-gen Windows AI release in 2024, plus details on recent changes to the Windows roadmap

24) A new website to learn Coast Salish words and phrases
NIȽ TU,O Child and Family Services Society is a Coast-Salish-led organization dedicated to strengthening the Beecher Bay, Pauquachin, Tsartlip, Songhees, Tsawout, Tseycum and T’Sou-ke families, communities, and Nations that NIȽ TU,O serves.
As part of that, the NIȽ TU,O website now contains a "Speak" page, which includes short audio recordings of common words and phrases in the three Straits Salish dialects spoken here — SENĆOŦEN, Hul’q’umi’num’, and lək̓ʷəŋən.

NIȽ TU,O Child and Family Services Society

Audio - Speak - NIȽ TU,O Child and Family Services Society

NIȽ TU,O is a Coast-Salish-Led organization dedicated to strengthening the families, communities, and Nations NIȽ TU,O serves.

Homework videos (a.k.a. "time well wasted"!)
To watch long versions of the best Super Bowl 2024 ads all in one playlist which I've created for you, click on the arrow-in-square in the upper-right corner of the link below…


2024 Super Bowl ads

…or you can watch the long version of individual ads below…
40) Watch the return of the Clydesdales in Budweiser's Super Bowl LVIII ad…

41) Watch Payton Manning, Post Malone and others in the long version of Bud Light's "Easy Night Out" big game ad..

42) Watch Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, USHER, the Beckhams, and Jelly Roll in the long version of Uber Eats "Don't Forget" big game ad

43) Watch Christopher Walken in BMW's "Talkin Like Walken" big game ad…

44) Watch Tiny Fey (and wait to you see who else!) in the long version of Booking.com's "Feycation" big game ad…

45) Watch Michael Cera in the long version of the CeraVe big game ad…

46) Watch LL COOL J and Lainey Wilson in the long version of Coor Light "Chill Train" big game ad…

47) Watch "Charlotte AI" in the long version of CrowdStrike's big game ad…

48) Watch the teaser ad for DoorDash, which is promising to give one lucky Super Bowl viewer every car and other product advertised during the big game…

49) Watch Jenna Ortega, who has starred in creepy projects like “Scream VI” and “Wednesday,” in the extended cut of Doritos’ horror-tinged big game ad, which also features “Falcon and the Winter Soldier” actor Danny Ramirez…

50) Watch comedian Eric Andre in the long version of Nestle's Drumstick "Doctor On The Plane" big game ad

51) Watch the E*Trade babies in Morgan Stanley's "PickleBabies" big game ad…

52) Watch Meghan Trainor, "Jury Duty” star Ronald Gladden and “Suits” stars Gina Torres, Rick Hoffman, and Sarah Rafferty in the long version of e.l.f. Cosmetics' "You've Been e.l.f.ing Summoned" big game ad…

53) Watch "Gift Mode", Etsy's big game ad…

54) Watch Rob Gronkowski (who missed a $10 million field goal during a live ad during Super Bowl 2023) on the road to redemption with help from help from (the recently-deceased) Carl Weathers (“Rocky”) as his trainer, while John Cena plays Gronk’s adversary, in Fan Duel's "Kick of Destiny 2" big game ad teaser

55) Watch Google's heartstrings-pulling "Javier In Frame" big game ad…
…and then see how they shot it…

56) Watch Kate McKinnon (“Saturday Night Live”) and her cat (whose meow sounds like “mayo”) highlight the many uses for mayonnaise, launching an entire celebrity chef career for the cat (including a brief fling with Pete Davidson) in the long version of Hellmann's big game ad

57) Watch the mullet hairstyle become a metaphor for life in the long version of Kawasaki's big game ad

58) Watch "Perfect 10", the long version of Kia's emotional big game ad…

59) Watch M&M's unveil "Almost Champions" — an actual first-of-its-kind ring for Super Bowl runners-up, featuring diamonds made from M&M’S peanut butter and a secret, internal compartment that holds one Peanut Butter M&M’s
…and then watch famous Almost Champions Dan Marino, Terrell Owens, Bruce Smith – and Scarlett Johansson in the M&M's big game ad about the ring…

60) Watch Dan Marino, Lionel Messi, Jason Sudeikis, and others in the long version of Michelob Ultra's "Superior Beach" big game ad

61) Watch Microsoft's "Just Watch Me" big game ad…

62) Watch former "Parks and Recreaction" stars Aubrey Plaza and Nick Offerman in the long version of Mountain Dew's "Having a Blast" big game ad

63) Watch an anthropomorphic NERDS candy have its “Flashdance” moment while TikTok star Addison Rae, no stranger to choreographed dances, watches from the couch, in NERDS' big game ad

64) Watch Kris Jenner, among others, imagine a world where the twist of an Oreo could change everything, in the long version of Oreo's big game ad…

65) Watch a host of animated stars as well as real-life celebs like Patrick Stewart, Drew Barrymore, Jeff Probst and Tua Tagovailoa in the long version of Paramount+'s big game ad

66) Watch Ken Jeong get cryogenically unfrozen after 50 years to dioscover that Popeye's now has chicken wings, in the long version of their big game ad…

67) Watch the first-ever big game ad by Poppi, which is being touted as the first good-for-you soda…

68) Watch Chris Pratt in the long version of Pringles' "Mr. P" big game ad…

69) Watch Reese's big game ad unveiling a change to their peanut butter cups…

70) Watch Tony Romo and Mr. T in Skechers' big game ad…

71) Watch people so distracted by screens that they don’t notice an alien invasion, in the long version of SquareSpace's big game ad, "Hello Down There", which was directed by legendary filmmaker Martin Scorsese (watch for his cameo)

72) Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger in the extended cut of Part 1 of State Farm's "Like A Good Neighbaaa" big game ad…

73) Watch Jason Momoa along with "Scrubs" stars Zach Braff and Donald Faiso, who are joined by "Flashdance" star Jennifer Beals, in T-Mobile's big game ad

74) Watch the long version of Volkswagen's "American Love Story" big game ad…

Sunday addition: 75) Watch the long version of Dunkin' Donuts "Popstar" big game ad with Ben Affleck and Charli D’Amelio…

Sunday addition: 76) Watch Martin Lawrence and Shannon Sharpe in the Oikos Yogurt "Hold My Oikos" big game ad…

Sunday addition: 77) Watch the long version of the BetMGM "Tom Has Won Enough" big game ad…

78) Watch the long version of Sir Anthony Hopkins' in the STōK Cold Brew big game ad…

80) remembering country great Toby Keith, who has died at the age of 62…
…and finally…
And so it goes…